Bound to Happen - Cover Picture

I've been thinking about doing a comic for years. I've tried many different stories, but they were either impossible to illustrate, or not interesting enough to illustrate. Finally, I've sat down to pencil a story that I think would not only be doable, but interesting to do (at least for me). However, this is still very much in the testing/trying stages. What I have planned so far is only a short (maybe 8 pages) comic based on how the two main characters will get along in the beginning. It's like a tryout to see not only if they are compatible as main characters, but also if I would have the time, patience, and talent to work on a continuing series. I have the first five pages planned and sketched, and the rest written out. Let's see how this goes!
This would be the cover for the short comic. If you remember these characters, it is their story that I will be doing into a comic. And even though I didn't draw the BG, it is a picture that I myself took with my own camera.

Oh! And the title is very much still a work in progress. I kind of like this one, but I'm thinking of only using it as the title of the short comic, not the rest of the series.

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