395 Athenus Picture

#395 Athenus
Battle Maiden Poke'mon
Fighting Type 3'4" 110.8lbs

This poke'mon, while a legend in its own right, has not been seen in the Chubu Region in many decades. Used primarily in the "War of Roses" as a frontline fighter, Athenus eventually revolted against the Northern Army and escaped their harsh trainers grasp, escaping to an unknown location. Many of these poke'mon were hunted to near extinction, in the Northern Army's rage.

A pure Fighting type, Athenus specializes in ancient martial arts. It's left arm is a powerful punching tool, used to strike foes with near insurpassable physical prowess. It's right arm extends into a shield-like appendage, capable of absorbing powerful bloes.

Athenus' signature move, recorded in history as "Flurry Fists" is when Athenus darts into the enemy's personal space and launches a flurry of punches and sharp blows to their abdomen and other weak spots on the body.

Another attack recorded in history is "Counter Detect". Athenus predicts the enemy's next attack, and if the attack is an attack, rather than a status move, Athenus will launch a powerful uppercut with its shield arm, knocking the opponent down to its last legs.

Though Athenus have not been seen for quite some time, it is rumored that some may still exist on the sealed "Mt. Olympus" on Silt Island.
Now, you just KNOW I had to do an Athena inspired greek goddess poke'mon. Athenus, like Aeries, will be a poke'mon eventually available on Mt. Olympus, along with Zeusword and Medusi, and....some others. ;D

I really wanted to incorporate a few elements of Aeries design, as well as base her fighting style off of The Fight card from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Hopefully I'll be able to do a group pic of all the greek legends soon. Well, maybe legends aren't the right word, but very rare nevertheless.
Athenus does not evolve into, or from any poke'mon.

Athenus are female only. They respond to female trainers better than males.
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