Lady Arachne Picture

Arachne was a young woman who was very gifted at the art of weaving, who proclaimed that the goddess Athena herself was not better than her. Athena came to her disguised as an old woman, and Arachne welcomed a contest with the goddess, who revealed her true form. Angered with Arachne for her choice of subject for her tapestry, Athena destroyed the loom and tapestry, and made Arachne feel guilt and remorse for her actions. However, the guilt overwhelmed Arachne, who committed suicide by hanging herself. Athena took pity on the girl and brought her back to life as a spider; her and her descendents to always be great weavers.

Good spiderweb brushes are hard to find. I had to paint some of the webs myself. And I'm not great at painting in Photoshop. But I think they turned out okay.

This is the first in a series I plan on doing of various characters from Greek mythologies
Model: Brushes: Textures: [link]
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