Goddess of Love and War Picture

Insert Fail
Okay, so apparently Athena was Goddess of Wisdom, though my Humanities outlines says she is goddess of Wisdom and Warfare and I know I read somewhere she also was goddess of love or beauty. This is where I seriously wish the college wasn't trying to rip me off and sell me a used text book for $130. No more "She goddess of wisdom" please.

Okay, why didn't anyone correct me? Athena was the Goddess of Love/Beauty and War in Greek Mythology. I think that kicks major butt XD

But as much as I am against war, my Athena would never associate with killing/murder. First off, she's a unicorn. There are tales of unicorns symbolizing death or actually being the natural enemy to some animals. Second, I hate war. I've seen the massive amount of men and women sent to the Middle East for a pointless war. Did you know nothing is gain from taking a person's life?

Where's Mewtwo? Watching from high above, wondering why Athena is in battle armor and holding a sword with engravings of horses on the hilt. (stole idea from Rohan <3)

Athena (c) Mine!
Sword idea (c) TLotR by J.R.R. Tolkien
Huzzah for Greek Mythology
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