Arachne, the very first Spider Picture

I'd been wanting to make this 1 for a while & kept forgetting. It's based on both the myth of Arachne, the very first spider, and a well-known painting of the story. (It's usually the first one to turn up if you Google the image of Arachne online [link] & [link]).

Arachne was a talented weaver in ancient Greece, and she started to believe that she was even better at it than the gods. She challenged Athena, goddess of Crafts, War, and Wisdom, to a contest. Whoever could weave the best tapestry would win and become the new patron of crafts. The 2 of them set to work, with people watching.

Athena wove a beautiful tapestry of the gods on Mt. Olympus in all their glory. Arachne wove an even better one of the gods on their adventures, and therefore won the contest. Athena was so angry she tore up Arachne's tapestry. Seeing her masterpiece destroyed devastated Arachne, and she hung herself in despair. However, Athena took pity on the girl & transformed her into the very first spider (according to the myth), & her weaving could continue as silken webs.

The word "arachnid" comes from this myth, and usually refers to animals in the spider family. It's also where one of the most common irrational fears, arachnophobia (fear of spiders), gets its root word.

The lady was actually the EASY part of this picture, lol. The spider was the hard part, seeing as the doll wasn't dangling from a noose like in the original painting. The most time-consuming part were the spider legs. I thought of making them thicker, but after getting them all done w/ single rows of beads, I'd gotten tired & felt it was enough. I also didn't have any teardrop sapphires, so I had to use a gold teardrop to show Arachne crying. I kept her dress and hair simple so I could work on the spider. Oh, and those are not black horns on her head. Those are the spider's mandibles.

She's gotten 1 crown for pretty, 2 for intricate, & 1 for original on Doll-Divine.
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