Athena Final Picture

Sketched by me: [link]
Colored by me: [link]
Shaded and Highlighted by: =MagicaRin

This is Athena, my new and most likely primary OC.

I have tried many things, from extremes like Angels and Reapers, to casual
art ponies and fish ponies, unable to attain the balance needed. This may be
my success. While casually working and living in Ponyville as a tinkerer of
magical trinkets and enchantress using runes and rare materials to bring
power to otherwise lifeless objects, she is also not able to channel spells,
being a Pegasus. So even if needed, she must rely on her physical abilities,
weather manipulation and crafted items.

She can be used for both casual and adventure RP.

She goes on quest to find rare and valuable materials and discover new
mystical knowledge. These she uses for her work and fun, but also she goes
on these adventures often just because she enjoys them. She tries to get herself
hired as a protector or guide on quest, due to her knowledge and skills, but
truly she is not either of these things, merely doing this on the side.

Outside of her work and adventures, she enjoys poetry and beautiful sentences.
Favoring fictional pieces but finding great joy in factual sciences from time to time.

Of course being tied into mystic and ancient work, she takes deep interest in
mythology and history, even though she considers the past 'dead and gone'.
This is more of a sad sentiment, as she considers modern Equestria mostly a
'bore', not having as many tales of knight's smiting dragons or great wizards
building Canterlot and so forth.

Her sister is a Blacksmith, from whom she orders most of her blank weapons
for enchanting and inscribing. Her sister shares her silver eyes, but has a coat
of brown instead of blue. Her parents are both alive, however they live far
away. Her father, a Pegasus, works for the Royal Navy as a helmspony. Her
mother, a Unicorn, works in the Frozen North, researching the old art of Jewel
Crafting for magic.

She herself has recently opened shop in Ponyville, which after the first few days
has gotten little attention, her magical trinkets being of little use in the casual
farm town. But she is determined to make big enough success here, to eventually
move to Canterlot, possibly work for the palace and high class Unicorns of Equestria.
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