Athena Resketched W.I.P. Picture

My scanner bleached an already bleached picture so PLEASE LOOK IN FULL VIEW

Alright here you guys go, here's what she looks like. I'll have to explain more later, I've got to go. Please stay tuned.


Ah I do have to say this picture has turned out really good. I have like very little to no complaints, I have said I wish I might had a bigger sheet of paper fir more foreground beneath her feet and once again, my scanner bleached the line colors out of her as I figured it would. Right now she is in pencil so, I have left her open fir more options before I officially ink her in. I did change her from my last picture of her, redid the sheath to her sword and changed her shield little bit.

I need help figuring out what to do with this picture, I mean I've generated plenty of ideas but I need help figuring what idea would be the best thing to do fir her. More on that later.
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