Arachne Picture

This is my art piece for the contest Myths and Legends.
I spent some time looking for a mythological character that would appeal to me with their originality when finally I found Arachne. There are many versions of her story, but basically, she was a very talented weaver and she had never hid her pride about that skill. She was a student of Athena, but remarked that she didn’t learn anything from the goddess.
To prove her awesomeness she challenged Athena and organized a weaving contest.
Making the long story short, Athena full of jealousy put a spell on Arachne to become a spider to always weave miserably. Since then spiders have been called arachnids.

Although Arachne was kind of mean and cocky I depicted her in a touchy and heartbreaking way. Since everyone have been showing her as a half woman and half spider, I decided to paint a huge spider looking at the mirror, where she can see herself beautiful and young. Athena is present in this piece, sitting in the column as she transformed into an owl. Now, I chose the eagle owl because it’s face is meaner (know what I mean?) than burrowing owl with huge eyes that is always representing Athena.
In the reflection we can see a pretty material she made, when in the reality, in the spider’s cave there are only some webs. Maybe that’s what Arachne wants to see. Better than goddess in any way.

You can see details here : [link]

Credit to: ~stormlor [link]
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