Percy Jackson Meme of AWESOME Picture

Recently, I read Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I read the first book in about 12 hours, told my mom I absolutely NEED the rest of the series, and the moment she got the remaining four books, I read all of them in the course of three days. Seriously, I read Sea of Monsters in four hours. THEY'RE THAT GOOD. And that short. Why is YA short? Woe. Man, this series is awesome. It's the kind of stuff I've been digging since I was a teeny elementary school-sized mythology geek. You should all read it.

So I ended up doing this meme. [link]

1) Technically, I don't have what it takes to be a PJ demigod at all. I don't have ADHD and I'm the exact opposite of dyslexic (for one thing, I don't need a dictionary to spell dyslexic properly). Also I look a lot like my mom and my dad, while incredibly booksmart, probably isn't the kind of person Athena digs. But hey it's fiction and we're playing around here. I'm still a blonde smartypants.

I'm serious about the Annabeth thing. I kept imagining Percy and Grover walking around with a healthier, grey-eyed version of teeny me who's more self-confident than I ever hope to be. Not that I'd want to be like Annabeth. Math's boring! And I don't wanna be dyslexic.

2) I have that mechanical pencil. If it could turn into a wicked dory like that, I'd love it even more than I already do.

3) Make love, not war. Or more like, run away, not war.

4) I loved Grover from the first second. He's just so... GROOOOOOVEEEEER!!!
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