Athena - PJandO Picture

So this last weekend I was having some block on actually doing anything creative and it was beginning to really bug me, so I decided to take a step back and pick up a series that I consider an old friend. The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, which, I don't care what age group it was written for, as I get older, it just seems to get better.

With that in mind I also was thinking that I would like to give a different art style a try, I almost always do anime and have never really done anything even vaguely realistic.

Having said that, the outcome is this, my pseudo-realistic (and I do say pseudo because I don't have the skill or background to do something truly 'realistic') portrayal of how I see the Greek goddess Athena as described in the PJ&O. She looks younger than I would like but I let it slide. I don't know. It's not great but I actually think for a first attempt it doesn't look too bad, especially since it is such a departure from what I usually do.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians (c) Rick Riordan
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