Athena Oxyderces Picture

Athena Promachos - The first in the series
Athena Areia - The second in the series.
Athena Paeonia - The fourth in the series
Athena Soteira - The fifth in the series

Athena Oxyderces means Sharp-Sighted Athena. Here she is seen gazing into the distance, maybe to spy on the enemies of Athens, perhaps to see that all is well in her temple or maybe she's just oogling Hercules.

One portrait done, two pictures to go! This one was... a big disappointment during about 90% of the process. I was so mad att that angle and I'm seriously doubting the choices I make for my pictures when I have such a tight deadline. And speaking of wich, the quality of this one is rather low compared to how much time I spent on the other pictures, but oh well, it's good enough!

EDIT: To make the picture stand out compared to the others I changed the background and I think the picture got a lot more depth now. While poking around I also discovered this hidden layer of shinies I had apparently forgotten to make visible. Major improvement!
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