Athena Sketch Picture

This was quite a challenge to draw. I drew her at half the size that I'd normally draw her and I drew her completely in blue sketch pencil. Drawing fine details with that kind of pencil is a pain in the ass since its hard to keep a fine pointed tip on the pencil lead in order for me to draw in some of the small details to her armor.

Right now I'm at a fork in the road, I'm not sure if I actually want continue on and ink in the lineart to her. On the 1 hand I risk making 1 tiny mistake and then the entire drawing is ruined on the other hand I really want to have her inked in so that I can add more to picture and be able to either color or shade her in. God this sucks, I hate making risky decisions.

Some people on this site really amaze me with the detailed art that they can produce with these sketch pencils.
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