Athena project 3 Picture

Alright, here, is week three's project, the one I siad wouldn't be posted. That was before I learned that our library had a large scanner. So, her she is!

This project's content was greek mythology, and the objectives were to research our content, and to explore various types of balance (radial, asymmetrical, etc.).

It didn't ake me long to get hooked on Athena. I read up on here and was impressed from the moment I heard she was a symbol of purity; refreshing compared to a lot of greek mythology.
I also learned that she was a warrior, her symbol was an owl (hence goddess of wisdom) and that she was supposedly the inventer of the horse bit (allowing men to tame the animals for the first time) and gave mankind the olive tree, and so providing food for them.
Hence the presence of the horse, owl, olive trees, and armor in this composition.

Anyways, I am really happy how she came out, even though the loeaves on the olive tree took me forever (not to mention painful, stupid hand cramps!)
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