Athena Areia Picture

Athena Promachos - The first in the series
Athena Oxyderves - The third in the series
Athena Paeonia - The fourth in the series
Athena Soteira - The fifth in the series

Athena Areia means Athena of war. In this piece I wanted to show her warrior side. Athena is the opposite of Ares, she wages war with just cause as opposed to his bloodthirst. But she is still a godess of war and she can be mercyless to her enemies if they anger her. Here we see the owlstaff in its active form as it serves as a powerful weapon channeling Athenas wrath.

Phew, one down, three to go! Deadline is approaching fast so I really need to cut down the time I spend on each picture. But for this one I really wanted to try making up for the feedback I got on the first picture and well, actually learn something! The style became a bit different compared to the first one because of this, but I'm thinking it's a good thing.
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