Modern Athena Picture

My version of Athena in the modern world: the goddess of women collegiate athletes!

A little info on this greek goddess: she was a deity of wisdom and also a warrior. "Athena is known as one of the three virgin goddesses, referred to as virgin because they were able to remain independent, unswayed by the spells of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and the consequent pull of marriage and motherhood. Romance and marriage did not feature in Athena's mythology. In Greek mythology Athena was, in essence, the prototype of the contemporary "career woman" .....Although usually depicted holding a spear, her golden helmet pushed back to reveal her elegant beauty, the Greek goddess Athena was known more for her role as judge, diplomat, and mediator than for actually fighting in battle. Her decisions were renowned for their fairness and compassion." [link]

I figured the wisdom/knowledge part would be included in college, and you can't get more violent than hockey!
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