Athena Picture

Here we have the Wonderverse version of Athena, Goddess of Knowledge and Battle and most favored deity of the Amazons. Of coruse she favors them as well which is why she gave them the gift of immortality when they chose to seclude themselves on Themyscira and away from the senseless wars of man. Naturally Ares didn't take too kindly so some of the finest warriors ever withdrawing from his beautifully staged wars so he turned Athena's gift into a curse by removing Themyscira from it's original home and cutting it off from the rest of the world.

Of course this made Athena quite pissed and the two began a centuries long feud over the whole thing with Athena doing the best she could to make sure her Amazons lived in peace and harmony as she tired to break Ares' spell. She provided warm days and cool nights and plenty of animals to hunt and fruits to eat. She made sure their prison was as much of a home as it could be until the day when they could rejoin the world and hopefully use their abilites to help usher in a new age of enlightement.
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