Athena Picture

My favourite original character, I named her Athena after one of the characters in one of my fanfics. Her name changed fronm Christine, but the more I thought about her the more she seemed like an Athena. She's one of the last celestial maidens and daughter to Yuhi and Chidori. I took the name from Greek Mythology so it would follow the Ceres aura a little.

I did use the outline for the dress and the hair from Christopher Hart's Manga Mania Shojo. My version has different sleeves as I hated the pouffed up look in the book, I removed the flower in her hair as well and I did not use the same face as mine has lips and was more than a line, I also added a necklace and an outline to the bottom of the dress. She is also thinner than the character Christopher Hart created. She is an oc, as I do use bits and pieces from how to draw manga books but add my own personal details as well. Athena's bust is also larger than Christopher Hart's character's.
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