Athena OC Picture

Lastly for today, we have yet another TFP OC with a Greek god/goddess' name and her name is Athena. BUT! She's not mine lol this OC belongs to *PrincesssJade. I'm having fun designing her because her name is Athena and I just love Greek mythology

Well, for the top left, I started out with a design that resembled Athena's helmet. I found a statue of her and tried to replicate it along with some of my own design thrown in, but I wasn't satisfied with how it was coming out and her face just didn't wanna work with me. So, for my next shot, I turned to the movie Immortals for inspiration. I had liked the helmets they wore during the last battle. And so the design in the middle was born. I like how this one came out, though I might mess around with it a little more. Athena was the Goddess of Warfare, among other things, and I wanted the helm to reflect on that. The bottom design was supposed to be a 3/4 view of the middle, but it came out weird. Today was just not my day
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