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Hokay, so, I was confronted with a troubling paradox early in the making of PRC: There are 12 Main Olympian Gods. 6 Rangers. what to do with the other 6?

I had originally planned to have 8 Rangers(Two more added on for Artemis and Apollo) and they would have zords, but then like three extra zords I had planned would only go to 3 of the 5 rangers. And so it dawned on me what to do. Screw the Apollo and Artemis Rangers, that way each of teh 5 rangers would have would have one extra zord! And an extra power to control :d

Well, here's the first of the Auxiliary zords, piloted by Minnie, the Ranger's faithful techie! The Mind Divine Beast is the Owl. It is said that its eyes see all, its knowledge because of that incalculable. Athena's color scheme is gray and her seal is of a helmet. The Mind Divine Beast Forms a sword, sheild, and helmet for the Megazord.

When Aaron does some recon and figures out the person behind the rangers, the one who's always aiding them from behind the scenes, he reports to Kronos. Kronos then machinates a plan. He seeks out the Origin Spider, a special species of spider that is descended directly from Arachne, the weaver that challenged Athena to a weaving competition. He sends Asteria to capture it and, with her magic, transforms it into Aracrochet(*Working name), a spider Monster specializing in weaving. Aracrochet then engages the rangers with a horde of Kokalos, and slips out in the heat of the battle. Ske kidnaps Minnie, who is gravely Arachnophobic, and holds her against her will. Will Minnie be able to escape? Will the Rangers survive without Minnie behind the wheel? Find out in POWER RANGERS: CENTURIONS!!!!!!

The finisher still needs a finite name, but so far I have Gorgon's Gaze. In Mythology, Athena had Aegis, a legendary breastplate that paralyzed enemies in fear because of the emblem of Medusa's head on it. This has the same basic principle, but magnified. The Rangers(Minnie, Specifically, since when the Mind Divine Beast merges with the Megazord, she combines with their collective mindset) Hold up the shield, cry "Gorgon's Gaze!" and the shield's eyes glow. A sickly green blast of energyshoots at the monster, turning it to Stone. The sword part rests in the shield(like Wolzard/Koragg's shield). The megazord pulls out the sword and charges, ending in a quick slash and trademark explosion.

Ta-Da! Next up, Series Hephaestus!
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