WIP: Team Abyss - Fallen Picture


Name: Fallen
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Title: TA Executive
Home Region: Kanto
-Heather: Get along. Acquaintances from before the team was created.

Aggresive Nature
Fallen caught Ares when he was already a Charizard. He is the newest addition to Fallen's team, and does not get along well with Fallen not only because both have rotten tempers, but Ares felt as if Fallen had taken his freedom from him. The only way that Fallen can successfully sync with Ares is when he is completely enraged. Otherwise, Ares rejects him almost completely, and if they do sync, the connection is very unstable. Fallen usually faints after un-syncing with Ares.

Selfish Nature
Artemis and Fallen were almost immediately attracted to each other due to them sharing a selfish nature. bored of her aquatic life, Artemis let herself be caught by Fallen in hopes of finding a more interesting adventure. She usually syncs well with Fallen, except for the fact that Fallen goes through a gender swap when he syncs with her, therefore making the connection weaker due to the strain on Fallen's body.

Cheeky Nature
Fallen found Hermes as a pup, beaten up and bruised, abandoned by his family for being the runt of the litter. Fallen had just run away from his own abusive family, and decided to take the small vaporeon into his care. They have been best friends ever since, Hermes aiding Fallen in his heists and helping him gain reputation as a theif. When Fallen syncs with Hermes, he receives an enormous speed boost.

Quote: "Don't waste my time."

Fallen doesn't say much. He restricts his words to the point where he only talks when it's completely necessary or he is throwing a sarcastic and sour comment at someone. He has very little patience, and is usually found napping, reading, or petting Hermes, who he keeps outside of his pokeball most of the time. Fallen is extremely intelligent, usually reading ancient texts on topics ranging from mythology and religion to mathematics and politics.

Fallen was in an extremely poor and abusive family; his father being a drunk who beat his mother, who in turn took out her hatred on Fallen. At the age of 6, Fallen ran away from home with the little clothes and money that he could scrape off his father. In his first night out of home, he found Hermes on the brink of death. Taking him in, both he and his new friend set out on starting a new life, and with little money, it quickly turned into a life of thievery and escaping the law. Soon, individuals began to hire him for robberies and hits, thus gaining riches and reputation for his work. Around the age of 18, Fallen caught Artemis, and met Heather, the leader of Team Abyss. A year before joining Team Abyss, he caught Ares.
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