Aaron Reed: Born Of Light LA Picture



I don't know how many people are much into religious study...but, in some religions, Angels are said to have been made by God out of beams of light.

That was kinda the root idea behind this peice, as well as behind Aaron's character design. (I.E. The wing)


No, he's not really an 'Angel'. Or, at least he's not called one in the story. However, he does possess the power of light and has golden angel-like wings. Or...one wing...in this case... >__> xD;

The scar of the left shoulder blade is to signify his 'damaged side'. (If you'd like me to clearify, please request so in a comment)

I will not disclose if his wing actually gets ripped off, or not. xD I've gotta keep somethings a surprize.


Anyways, this is just the line art. For now.
My skin-toned copics are out. >__> So, I'm currently unable to color them the way I preffer to. *SAD*

I may attempt to color this digitally, but I'm not sure. ^^'


Anyway, tell me what you think!
Don't be affraid to ask questions. ^^ I'm always happy to answer them.
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