Logan and Freddy: Protective Picture



So, as some of you may know... (The ones I've previously breifed) Freddy has a little...accident at some point in the story.

After this, it sets him into a bit of a character change where gitty, happy, bouncy, comic relief Freddy becomes a little more of an actual character, and a bigger part of the story.

Durring this 'accident', Logan Marks (Adam's older brother) has to protect Fredrick.
It's nothing yaoi-tastic in the story...but, it did urge me to draw something that is.
(Besides, I don't mind the Logan and Freddy pairing. It's kind of cute. xD)

But, yeah...that's what brought this peice to be.
So, it's not an actual part of the story. ^^' Sorry.

HOWEVER! Freddy's new hairstyle is. So, yeah.
He changes it after the accident...from what I understand, it's common for someone to change their look after a life changing experience.


Anywho, tell me what you think.
Ask questions. ^^ I always welcome them.
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