Apollo and Artemis Picture

It's Apollo and Artemis, the heavenly twins of Greek mythology! Their my favorites, I think, out of the Olympians. I wanted them to have dark brown or black hair, but I forgot how to pick colors on Oekaki until right now.

There are SO many things I should have been doing instead of this. I really need to do some drawings for a few people, the character sketches for a scene from Arsenic and Old Lace, and my history homework which will get done tonight. I feel bad for wasting my time one crud. The timer on Planet Zot's oekaki board said that I worked on this for 140 minutes. D: And I didn't leave the computer for anything. I'm soooo bad at oekaki ><

Anyways... the only things I have been able to really draw are my literature homework (do not ask) and Greek myth stuff because my style's changing for the worse.

And now for a rant... ARTEMIS IS A GIRL'S NAME! Artemis Fowl is cool and all, but the poor guy's name comes from the goddess of MAIDENS. Good lord, I feel so bad for any boys who end up with this name. Likewise with girls named Apollo. Knowing the name trends, some little girl's probably walking around bearing the name of the protector of young boys.
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