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Now might be a good time to brush up on your Greek mythology/history but to simplify it Apollo had a lover called Hyacinthus who was tragically killed and Artemis had a lover called Orion who was also tragically killed. Much angst was had. The end. jk xD

For anyone that wants specifics continue reading >3< *info taken from Wikipedia*

Hyacinthus was one of Apollo's male lovers, he was a Spartan prince, beautiful and athletic. The pair was practicing throwing the discus when a discus thrown by Apollo was blown off course by the jealous Zephyrus and struck Hyacinthus in the head, killing him instantly.

(There are multiple versions of exactly how and who killed Orion but I'll be using the one that fits my story xD)

Orion was Artemis' hunting companion. He was killed by a scorpion sent by Gaia.

In another very amusing version it is Apollo that sends the scorpion because he is overly protective of his sister. (though in my story he didn't xD just thought is was funny because apparently siscons existed back then too lol)

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