TFP OCs-Head Designs Picture

This one's pretty recent. I was sitting at the lunch table with my best friend at college (everybody ditched us for the game room! lol XD) and I just came up with these. I guess I'll be having a couple of new OCs

First one is Apollo. He'll have golden-yellowish armor and gold optics with light blue pupils. Something like that. He'll be a seeker

Next is Artemis Prime (I like Greek mythology, can you tell?). He's pretty mucht the son of Hot Rod, Knockout, and Optimus Prime (in my weird-ass mind at least). Hot Rod would be the carrier. He'd be mostly silvery-white in color with some neon blue (maybe) in places and have bright blue-almost-aqua optics. He'd probably take more from Knockout (somewhat vain, smooth talker) and Hot Rod (rebellious, stubborn, smartass) than from Optimus (good judgment, level-headed). He'd more likely be a sports car of some kind than a truck

The bottom left I'm thinking could be a good helm design for an OC named Mechablast, who belongs to
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