Princess Zelda as Goddess Artemis: Rough Outline Picture

Before anything (if anyone actually takes the time to see this >.>) I apologize for the horrid quality. I really wanted to share it with you and all I have is a crappy webcam with terrible quality, but I'll eventually replace it with a scanned version as soon as my scanner decides to work. c:

Well, I was sitting in Physics when this idea just popped into the old brain casserole. Princess Zelda and her long, hard.. bow. So naturally, an image of one of my favorite Greek goddesses, Artemis, (goddess of the Hunt and the Moon) crams itself in there too. Finally, when the images collide.. I get this. Zelda and her bow.. as a goddess. Later I'll add elements in to make her one of my own, and change of her dress to get that Renaissance feel to it. You can't really see any details.. but there's a lot. Especially in the definition of her muscles the design of the dress. I'm willing to make this into a project to finish.

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