Artemis Mirrors: Fleeting Hope LINEART Picture

"Fleeting Hope"

I drew this last night while my wife was sleeping.
I don't really know where it came just kind of formed from the tip of my pencil one line at a time.

I'm pretty happy with has it's obvious problems, but I'm quite pleased with it, all the same.


This picture depicts two characters from my comic "Artemis Mirrors".
Adam Marks (Left) and Aaron Reed (Right).

The prespective is supposed to be all wonky...almost fish-eye lense wonky. As though...their world has been turned upside-down and twisted into a shell of it's formal self.

Which, for Adam at least, it has in quite a short time.


The "Hope!" paper kind of formed out of no where...I can't even remember what thought brought it into being, but I supposed I can say it's quite fitting giving the story.
The one thing one must hold onto is the one thing that so easily gets away from us.


From sketch to lineart, this took about an hour and a half.
I might color it when I get some time, but if you'd like to color it, please feel free. :3 Just send me the link once you have it finished.


Anywhoo, tell me what you think. :3 I'm always happy to get comments, so please don't forget to leave one.
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