Mythology Project: Ares Picture

Ares, the Greek God of violent warfare, bloodshed and destruction.
The dog and boar were sacred to him.
He was often associated with carrion birds, as they haunted the abandoned battlefields of war.

For a school project I am redesigning eight of the Greek Gods from mythology in a contemporary fashion, using digital painting as my medium to continue on this vein.

Ares was a little more difficult than the others I have done in this series, as he did not have as many physical attributes as some of the other gods. I chose to depict him as strong and in an intimidating, aggressive pose, so as to emphasise the threat violence and destruction pose to society. I gave him a hand gun, a typical symbol of unpredictable, unnecessary violence in modern times, instead of the spear he was attributed in myth.
His wounds are to reiterate his association to violence as well as highlight the fact that he is not necessarily very skilled, he does not win his battles. In myth he often only appeared as a vessel of corruption or to be humiliated, thus I have shown him to look like he has come off worse in a fight.
Like the other gods I have completed, I have given him medallions depicting his sacred animals, the boar and the dog.
The carrion birds that circle behind him serve as representative of the destruction that follows in his wake.

I'm not happy with this. Something is seriously up with the proportions, but I need to get these done quickly, as they're due next Monday. So after hours of struggle I'm leaving this as is.

Other Gods Done

Art and Character design (c) me
Texture used can be found here: [link]

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