COTT -- Young Artemis + Apollo Picture

FULLVIEW please. It looks much cleaner that way.

Yeah, I ended up just inking the scrapped sketch using the Pen Tool -- which still takes me forever, it seems -- and colouring it in with flats. And oh man, did I ever screw-up everyone's hands -- not only are they too small in comparison to the rest of the body, but I also obviously forgot to turn-on Simulate Pressure for Apollo's left hand. Augh.

So, background-wise -- since the director's blog has new character model sheets for Apollo and I still had the Artemis one around, I decided to try drawing younger versions of them, as per classical mythology (ie. Artemis as a young teenager and Apollo as a beardless youth), but still based on their general appearances on 'Class of the Titans'. I sort-of used the original studio art as colour references as well, since I can never get them right, though I still modified them in the end to match better here.

I seem to be improving a little in differentiating between male and female arms, and that makes me happy.

These interpretations of Apollo and Artemis are sort-of (c) Studio B, Nelvana, and Teletoon.
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