Artemis Mirrors: Aaron + Sherm Picture

An orriginal character from my story Artemis Mirrors.
I know I've been keeping a pretty tight lid on this story...but, I'm currently working on it. >__> So, I don't want too much about it to get around.
xD It'll ruin the surprize!

Anywhoo...this is Aaron. He's sporting an orange hair-do this week, coupled with a pink and white shirt.
Riding on his shoulder is the cute and always fun to draw Sherm. xD Whom you will find out about when I manage to get tha far into the story.

I am looking for input on them and the rest of my character designs for Artemis Mirrors. So, don't be shy to critique. ^^
However, please be sure you are giving corrective critism and not just being an ass... -__-'

>__> So, yeah. Tell me what you think.
And don't be affraid to ask questions. On most things, I don't mind telling. So, if you're curious, feel free to ask whatever you please. ^^


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