Modern Mythology 02 Picture

Yey! I continued with the story! XD

Well, these two characters are the twins Jamison (left) and Loren (right). Jamison is the modern representation of the goddess Artemis, and Loren is the modern representation of Artemis' twin brother, Apollo. They are, as were the other ones, sitting in front of their statues. These are secondary characters to the story, but still very important.

Loren is playing and singing a funny song to Jamison and she's laughing as she drinks some tea. I do love these two together, as they are very cute and happy, and they're both barefoot! Random facts about each one: Jamison is a vegetarian and a member in P.E.T.A. and the decal on Loren's guitar is of a lyre (Apollo's instrument) X)

I've been very happy these last few days, and that's what's really got me drawing more again. The person who's responsible for this happiness, you know who you are! CX *hugs*
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