Facticia Vitae: Domain Banner Picture

Facticia Vitae: Domain is the "official" name of the Spiritine 'verse. :D It only took me, what, two, three days? to come up with. XD

Pronounced [fak-TICK-ee-ah WEE-tye] (or, perhaps, [fak-tick-EE-ah]), Facticia Vitae is Latin for "Artificial Life". "Domain" is, of course, English.

The 'verse-wide naming convention is all about the juxtaposition of the modern, the futuristic, the new, with the old, dead, and classical. Such as Latin, and Greek and Roman mythology. So there are names like Artemis and Bacchus, and titles like Spiritus in Machina and Sector CIV.

This--a banner for
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