Profile Dump 2008-2011 Picture

If this is categorized wrong, someone feel free to point it out.

Yep. A bunch of profile sketches or works that I've done since 2008... WOWZA.

1. I had that image in my head for the longest time before I drew it. I'd like to go back and redraw it to see how more fluid my people are.
2. African Princess. Larger picture found: [link]
3. I absolutely adored the idea of rainbow dreadlocks. Of course, I couldn't portray dreadlocks very well... Larger image found here: [link]
4. Happy Halloween from 2008. This picture still gives me the creeps. [link]
5. Based on that one painting... where there's a wine glass between two people... I forgot what it was... Owell.
6&7. It was time to learn about Greek Mythology in school... and I LOVE mythology. So I was on a spree, drawing Artemis, Aphrodiote, etc.
8. Disbeauty. Larger picture found: [link]
9. Old fairy character, Moogle. He's always upset.
10. Drawn after watching Phantom of the Opera for, like, the bajillionth time that week. Based on the scene Prima Donna.
11. I don't know what up with her body, but I like her outfit.
12. Ugly green elf I tried drawing when I got my first set of Thin Prismacolor colored pencils. <3
13. "Shall I Teach You to Waltz?" <333 I am STILL in love with this drawing. The shading is beautiful and clear and uuugggh... It's one of those old drawings you look back at and you're just like "DAAANG. I did that??"
14. Angel Warrior sketch fail.
15. The Dark Faerie Part of this duo: [link]
16. Mina Crevitte, either an OC to a shelved One Piece fanfictior, or a crewmate of my own pirate crew.
17. Link Hawkins, the first mate of my own pirate crew. He's armed and dangerous.
18. A quick sketch at my reaction if I met the Goblin King... It's a wrong depiction. I'd freak out.
19. Been in Fairytale mode since long ago... Snow White looks chubby in the face here.
20. Aaaand Jareth, the Goblin King profile. <3 I'm super proud of that. I was on a roll.
21. On the same day of drawing Jareth, I managed to draw part of Frog Prince... I ADORE this drawing still. I love the dress, the hair, the face. I just need to learn to draw frogs.
22. I LOVE ballerinas. This was inspired by my Harry Potter OC, Antoinette.
23. Pompous.
24. I love her dress. <3
25. Inspired by the braid Rapunzel sported in Tangled.
26. Two OCs... Neither have names, but they're on an adventure together to get the rightful king back on the throne. Of course, they end up together. Elf and Exiled Ranger. <3
27. Saskia [link]
28. Something Not Very Pretty [link]
29. Ami and Nick [link]
30. I have an awesome profile, so I drew it. DUH.
31. Practicing kissing poses and such. Reference: [link] This artist is lovely.
32. Once again, referenced that^. Except this guy don't want it. :C I lover her hair, though.
33. [link] School project.
34. Melissa's Gift. [link]
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