PF: Archer.Warden Picture

A third problem--though this is more a personal hang-up for me than anything 'wrong' per se--was that many of the characters introduced were direct Expy's of existing characters from other worlds. At the time, my thought was that it was simply uncreative, but can one really expect creativity when the world itself is from a manga? Perhaps it wasn't the use of such characters but the lack of re contextualization to fit with the campaign's mythos.
Aria Tamblynn, the woman on the left, was an original character. A wind mage who also specialized in archery, Aria cold fly, use telekinesis, and had a powerful killshot called Artemis Bolt that felled many a monster. Not long into the campaign Aria discovered that she was pregnant by her ex husband. Although the party at large never learned the reason of the separation, it was understood that their relationship had ended very badly.

On the right, is Ratatosk, a protagonist of Tales of Symphonia on the Wii. Inspired by the Messenger Squirrel of the Gods in Norse Mythology, Ratatosk was a Celestial Spirit tasked with guarding the gate of Nibelheim, world of the wicked dead. Though he initially appeared in the form depicted here, he later gained a new body that resembled his true, more alien nature.
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