Demitri Smith Picture

Demitri is my demigod creation. Her mother is Artemis, and her father is Gregory Smith. She is very stealthy, has perfect aim, and surprisingly acute senses. As almost everyone else in the world, she has her downside to her upside. Aside having perfect aim, she struggles in hand-to-hand or sword-to-sword combat. Close-range combat overall. When given weighted choices, like choose this and this will happen or vice versa, she tends to falter. Like most people, she isn't good under pressure. Given the ability of acute senses, high pitches do her no good.

This is just a project that I was given in my Communication Arts class. (Language arts, writing, whatever you call it where you are.) We've been going over Greek Mythology for about 2-3 days and I was told to create a Demigod and run with the story. My teacher said it wasn't required to draw them, as long as you could describe them. Now me, a girl who loves to draw, just couldn't surpass that opportunity.

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