AatR: Blaze Picture

Name: Blaze
Gender: Male
Age: 500, appears to be in his early-mid 20's.
Race: Half Fox Kuivean*, half Kitsune (traditional Japanese mythological fox)
*The Kuivean are the desendants of the ancient fallen gods. They come in all shapes and posess various abilities.
Personality in a Nutshell: Blaze has all of the protective instincts of an Alpha wolf, but without the violent tendencies, especially when it comes to Artemis. He is goofy, happy-go-lucky, and optimistic. He hates the fact that he isn't a great fighter and hides behind his humor so that no one knows anything is wrong. Super talkative, often to the point of annoying people. Blaze cannot pick up on social cues so as a result he can be super awkward, creepy, and headstrong.
Abilities: Formshift (Blaze can assume his fox form, standing between three and four feet at the shoulder. The change is quick but relatively uncontrolled- he cannot stop in the middle of a change and he cannot hold a half form for long). Illusions (Blaze is proficient at creating illusions. The larger and more complex the illusion, the more effort is required. They can be broken if Blaze looses complete concentration). Healer (Blaze has moderate healing magic. Small lacerations he can take care of almost thoughtlessly. Obviously, larger wounds take much more energy.) Mind Magic (Defensive only. Blaze can fend off most psychic attacks and keep his party safe from outside influences of that nature). Basic feral fighting ability, knows basic martial arts but is not proficient.
Likes: Artemis, keeping his few pack members safe, video games, tai chi, dessert, children
Dislikes: Sour food, anyone in pain, mean people, dead fish
Interesting fact: Jessica eventually diagnosed Blaze with Asperger's Syndrome. Not because she decided to give it to him, but because one day she realized he had many of the symptoms.

Relations with:
Jess: Blaze adores Jess almost as much as he adores Artemis. He wishes Jess would allow him to win the girl of his dreams but knows Jess has reasons for everything she does. He does not begrudge her this and protects her one hundred percent.
Artemis: Blaze adores Artemis. He has the overwhelming need to protect her but is frustrated because she is often the one protecting him, not the other way around. Blaze wishes that he could be her mate. Reluctantly he will admit that his chances of that are slim but this does not stop him from doing his best to attempt to win her affection.
Asmodeus: Blaze is insanely jealous of Asmodeus, for multiple reasons. Artemis appears to like As the way Blaze wishes she liked him, and As is the fighter Blaze will never be. Still, he acknowledges As as the pack Alpha and follows orders. Most of the time. Blaze likes to try to pick on As in the most passive-aggressive manner he can manage.

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