Skittles-Alice-Artemis Picture

Part of my project I'm doing in mythology. Skittles goes from Alice in Wonderland to Black Bishop to Black Queen to Artemis versions. Here she is in her Alice in wonderland right, she's wearing the black queen's crown (no the black queen isn't bad in the story) On ya left is Artemis Skittles. She is a futuristic victorian version of Artemis.

In a way Skittles is like Artemis, she is very postal about what people say about her family especailly with Brainy. She is avengeful and is ferice, ready to defend her family and friends.

At one point she is killed in a fight against Brainiac 6.0 who was once the anestor of Brainy now rebuilt and ready to destroy him. Drew , Brainy and their friends bring her back to life once they realize that she would defend her siblings even after her death. She is brought back to life as Artemis Skittles and is stronger now. Skittles uses a bow and arrow as well as a sword.

Her nick name : Lady of the Elements is like Artemis nickname: Lady of the Wild things
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