Better Ben bio Picture

Name: Ben (aka The King of Dragons)
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Species: Human
Abilities: Hyper intelligence, Dragon transformation, High level magic, technology mastery, War hero of another realm, semi-weapon master(Gun/Sword)
Likes: Wining, Matt, Anya, science, dragons, spacecraft, Galaxina, playing with kids
Dislikes: Losing, people who are mean to Matt/Anya, Collin, unnecessary explosions that aren't funny, when the cake is a lie, Dark Matt, Artemis, Damien
Weakness: While unbeatable in straight up combat he is too focused on fighting fair that with enough cheating he can be beaten.
Ben Is Matt's older brother and a master of science and mythology. Among his many accomplishments he has discovered Relmia, created Anya, mastered the arts of Swords and guns and he is nigh unstoppable in straight up combat. Ben is considered far stronger than Matt so much that seedrian scientists actually question if Ben is Matt's brother since he's so good. Ben is quite the worker, and occasionally isn't seen for some time, but he always shows up when he is really needed. He is in a stable relationship with Synder, but the two are still only dating.
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