Artemis Concept +aka Aradia+ Picture

Okay this isnt entirely an original character. I mean the character is mine the name sorta, the story is mine but the truth is, this character her birth name is Aradia but she is to become Artemis. I am writing my version of the Artemis's history. And so this is my take. I havent really described her yet, but she is definately wild and part of the woods. She is to learn more about what she is becoming as the story goes on. I know odd right? Why on earth do I want to re-write a story of a greek goddess? Because I have my opinion on events in the beginning of Artemis's Life. I dont always base my stories off of true mythology when I have my own opinions. besides it is . Anyway this is actually a drawing improvement for me, but it is the only improvement. I have to say at least this picture is recent. I drew it last week if not the week before. I like it. She is pretty. Advice is, as always, welcome and again my scanner doesnt do justice for the coloring.
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