James Parker + Odocomon Picture

A couple of new Digimon characters for ... a possible project. :3

James Parker and Odocomon.

James is an OLD character of mine, originally created to be Chase's twin brother, J.J
But I never did anything with him. Then I was approached about this project and I had been redrawing all my older characters, so decided to give James some love. x3

Unsure about many details right now, except that James is the oldest child in his family... I think. Still ironing out details. I love his jacket. I basically stole the design from a jacket my boyfriend wears. ^^

Odocomon I totally love~
She's so cute! I thought I wanted to make a new Digimon that I hadnt seen before, and to my knowledge, I've never seen a deer inspired fictional Digimon.
All of her forms are based off different types of deer and antelope; bu I haven't organised the different forms yet and stuff. ^^

Doemon >> Fallomon >> Odocomon >> Rusdramon >> Oisinmon >> Ceryniamon

Doemon - doe is the name for a female deer
Fallo - from Fallow deer
Odoco - from the latin name for White tailed deer
Rusdra - from Rusa, Malay word for deer
Oisin - from Irish Mythology, the name of the Goddess Sadb's fawn
Ceryniamon - one of Hercules' labours was to bring the Cerynian Hind to Artemis
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