Memories Picture

In this world you tried
Not leaving me alone behind
There's no other way
I'll pray to the gods: let him stay

The memories ease the pain inside
Now I know why

All of my memories
Keep you near
In silent moments
Imagine you'd be here
All of my memories
Keep you near
The silent whispers, silent tears

Made me promise I'd try
To find my way back in this life
I hope there is away
To give me a sign you're okay
Reminds me again
It's worth it all
So I can go home


Together in all these memories
I see your smile
All the memories I hold dear
Darling you know I love you till the end of time


Memories by Within Temptation

About this deviation:
This depicts the goddess
Artemis, reminiscing about Actaeon.
In some myths, he was her hunting partner, and was out hunting one day when he stopped to rest at spring. Upon arriving, he accidentally viewed Artemis bathing with her nymphs, and was soon found out. Artemis, known for being the eternal virgin, immediately changed him into a stag and set his own dogs on him.
Myths do not say that she ever felt remorse for this act, but in this picture, she is remembering her crude decision, and wondering if she made the right one. Seeing the fawn, she remembers Actaeon as a stag, and this triggers memories that cause her to feel strangely, which is uncommon for the virgin goddess...

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