Battle robot design-Bor pg4 Picture

Robot design for my Drawing for Animation class.

noticed my mistakes and made the keywords bold in my next project.Also,the images were better quality.I wasted so much time trying to clean up the images in this set and then later found out i should have just adjusted the contrast...sigh...


Here's the rationale:

I wanted to design a battle robot that is strong, sort of like a cross between a bulldozer and a wrecking ball, with legs. I am also very inspired by modernistic, organic looking robots, which usually are based upon animal or insect body structures. Therefore, in the beginning, I short-listed some animals that are known to be muscular and aggressive. It was between oxen, horses, gorillas, bison and wild boars. However, wild boars seemed to me to be the most feral and probably most feared by modern humans.

Additionally, a boar fits well in my storyline. The story is about a race of people who worship the Greek Goddess of nature, Artemis and want to return the earth back to it’s original state as they think that humans’ carelessness has brought misery and destruction to themselves. In Greek mythology, Artemis sent a ‘Kalydonian boar’ to punish men by causing destruction.

The body of the robot had to be very bulky, with easily visible muscle forms. The idea was to have the robot butt buildings with it’s shoulder, therefore the front legs of the robot look disproportionately big compared to the back legs. To make the robot more vicious, I also gave it hind claws, a cannon and spikes as well as rotating shuriken-shaped blades at it’s jaws. The robot is also adept at reconnaissance, as it has powerful hearing devices and eyes. Its eyes are capable of thermal and night vision. The robot’s feet are broad, yet surprisingly flexible, for better balance in war-torn terrain. Its body is made of strong alloy materials, which are shrapnel and heat resistant.

Besides demolition, the robot can also be used as a cargo carrier, usually to carry smaller modes of transport. Therefore, it is equipped with extra fuel supplies and it’s cargo area can be used as a simple on-the-go workshop for emergency repairs. The robot fits 2 vehicles. The overall look of the robot is not evil, as it’s creators see it as a salvation to mankind. It looks more like a guardian type robot, although very misleadingly so.
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