Nymph Emerging Picture

My design is that of a tree nymph (or Dryad, or tree spirit). These creatures are minor nature deities derived from Greek Mythology that appear as young women (barely clothed or not clothed at all). They are free-spirited beings with a love of dance and song, and are associated with Artemis, goddess of the hunt, who was a friend to their kind.

In this image, a nymph serenely emerges from her tree, both she and the tree joined together to create a sense of attatchment between the two (for it was believed that if either died, the other would soon follow).

The sketchy design creates a ghostly, otherwordly feel that draws the eye upon the black background of the shirt template.

If you like my design, and would like to see it on a shirt (not merely a template of a shirt :3 ), click the appropriate button, and thank you very much in advance for your time and votes!

Any comments/critiques/pointers left would be appreciated
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