RWBY Character: Diana Artema Picture

Finally, got some RWBY inspired art for the community to see. So yeah, as you can see she is a ranger/rogue type character with lots of visual inspiration from Diablo 2 and a bow that looks like something I'm using in Path of Exile.

Unlike other fan made characters she wears armour almost entirely made from Grimm bone and hide. (along with some nice fur for good measure) Her main stomach piece is made from the exposed surface of an ursa skull (that part that looks like a white mask with red lines) and her breast pieces made from a combination of leather material and white scales from an alpha ursa (the one Jaune fought).

The rest of her wear is just mainly hide with spikes and claws from ursa and other grimm like boarbatusk (which she uses for jewellery if you look at the line patterns carefully). Lastly she's using fire dust crystals as tips for her arrows to either cause burns on her opponents or blow them up from the inside after the tip penetrates the skin.

As for back story she probably originates from outside the main settlements comprising the four kingdoms or city states (Vale being a prime example) of the RWBY world. Unlike the typical huntress who only leaves the security of the urban spots from time to time, fighting grimm would certainly be an almost daily occurrence for her. I'll probably write a story eventually about what type of living conditions we can expect for people who live outside the industrial, urban zones of the four kingdoms. It would be things like uncharted settlements made by runaway criminals, pastoral groups who travel around, walled cliffs that are still being populated, etc...

As for her persona she is of course a fox based Faunus, she is a bit of a battle maniac like Nora (you can see it in her grin) and does not like to lose. She is quite dedicated to the hunt as her name suggest, Artema is based off the Greek goddess Artemis who was the master of hunting. As for Diana, that's the Roman equivalent to Artemis, thus I combined the two to give her the current name. Artema is the last name simply because Artemis is the older goddess.

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