The Huntress and The Stag King Picture

Dedicated to the one I love, inspired by this poem I wrote some time back:

Daughter of Artemis Son of WarBeneath the moons infernal light
out of the mists illuminated this forest night,
you emerged as if from a dream,
from netherworlds unseen,
one among the dead in the days of yore
as the drums of war your heart beats,
strong easy rhythms which shatter
the ground beneath my feet.

Adorned within the spirit paint
which strikes terror in the hearts
of the men you stand to face,
the force of strength and power
for those that ran head long into
battle in nought but the flesh
the Goddess granted them,
as they were born so they will
deliver death and meet their own.

My skin now afire where others
feared my body is wrought wit

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