Artimis the Dragoness Picture

I was reading another Percy Jackson book and I came up with the idea for this character.

My oldest brother also had a pet hedgehog by that name, but unfortunately it died late last year.

In Greek Mythology Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt.

This Artemis is the same way, and is a master tracker, as well as an expert in camouflage. She has a very strong interest in astronomy and geology. so she is very smart. Her downside is that she's too proud of how smart she is, and doesn't like debating other options. She will if there's not other choice, and often gets herself in trouble because of this. She and Smolder do NOT get along well at all, because she never believed the rumors of the "Copycat" and thinks that it's just a big fake with smoke and mirrors. She absolutely DESPISES KM because of his show-off-y abilities, and doesn't believe anything about the Keyblade and its magical qualities, even after being shown what it can do, she still thinks it's all a fake light show.

So in other words, Artemis is the one who believes there is a logical explanation for EVERYTHING and doesn't like to believe otherwise.

She has a younger brother named Shade, and they do NOT get along.

What can I say? Artemis is selfish.
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