Warblades of the Crescent Moon Picture

The latest in my sword phase. The blades are the same blades used in Elemental Scimitars. When I was brainstorming what look the Scimitars would have, I had the idea that the hilt would be attached behind the blade, and the blade would be a little longer. This instantly translated into a double-sided version, which is a rarity in that it has one long, smooth blade.
I was kinda stuck there for a while, until I realized two things: the double-sided version looked like a bow, and also looked like a crescent moon. Which is simply perfect for Artemis.

The blades are larger than the Elemental Scimitars but smaller than the Mythos Runeblades, since they're meant to be 1-handed swords.
Like all previous ones, in the full image the sword is to scale, hence the giant size, but the text is scaled to be readable on a 'normal'-sized screen (like mine hehe).
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