Fauna Picture

female faun, as for Mamock, this is a character I'm developping for a story I'm planning to write. Meet Fauna, she's a hunter and a warrior, the tatoos on her face are not there just for fashion: the half moon on her forehead, means she's devoted to the goddess Artemis, a greek goddess associated with the Moon, the hunting, the woods she's also the virgin goddess.
the tatoos on the side of her mouth and on her chin represent a beard. it is a very important sybol, it means that she's considered equal to males, and that because she passed the Sacred Hunting ritual, and now to the eyes of her tribe she's got the right to speek in assemblies, she can fight, go to war, and even become a chief. the carving on her horns mean that she's from noble origin , and the scars on her skin, well fauns are very violent creature, and Fauna, been considered as a male, has to fight against other fauns to state her position in the tribe.

done while listening to "the mystic's dream" by Loreena McKennitt.

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