14. Skadi Picture

Skadi: Norse Goddess of Skiing, Bowhunting, Winter, and Mountains

100 Gods and Goddesses Challenge

My sister dedicated many a facebook status to Skadi a couple months ago when it kept snowing. XD;;

Ahh, Skadi. She has a lot of parallels to Artemis, eh? They're both strong women who enjoy the outdoors, hunting, and puppies. The difference aside from their location is that Skadi actually did get married (although she didn't like it.) Funny story. Involves a lot of pretty feet.

I felt weird dating this picture as "June", especially since it's so grey and cold around here lately. XD The atmosphere of this picture looks a lot warmer... I'd love a warm coat like that. D:

A lot of people seem to draw Skadi with white-blue hair and skin, and I typically thought it was because of her depiction in Age of Mythology. XD; Turns out she's also a character in Neverwinter Nights, which... is a game I know very little about aside from the fact that it's made in BioWare which is based in my hometown O:
As much as I love the colour blue, I tried to tone it down for this picture. XD I already used enough blue for Hel, okay.

Oh yeah, and Vikings did use skis to travel across land. Some of them were small, like these, and some of them were about two meters long. It seems that they were popular in Norway, but not so much in Iceland.

Yeah okay now I should go study or something. XD;;
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