Dawn He Now His Gay Apparel Picture

So, here's my gift to all of you. Please forgive me if it burns your retina. xDD

Ah, Freddy...the Comic relief of my comic. >__> He's...well...he's Freddy. xDD Flamboyant. Yeah...that's a good word to use. >__>

In the back are Dawn and Adam. They're more or less the stars of this graphic novel. >__> And constantly tortured by little Fredrick. Yes...FREDRICK. YES. D: He is a HE.
If this isn't obvious enough by his body type... >__> Freddy is in no way drawn with a fem body...though, he does look pretty. xDDD

Anyway... D: So, uhm...MERRY CHRISTMAS! And Happy Hollidays. >__> And all that crap.
Oh, yeah...and Happy New Year. xD


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